Works in Progress

Quilting with a Computerized Longarm

November 24, 2015
bali pop quilt on the Gammill Statler

After a day shadowing a quilter on the computerized Gammill (the Statler), I was ready to try a project. I started with my own quilt so I don't mess up a customer's quilt in case my notes weren't great (sometimes I can't read my own writing). This is a quilt...

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Birds on a Wire

October 22, 2015
Birds on a Wire fabric

We have a two story house (boooo! My kingdom for a one story) and the stairway has a giant empty wall that bothers me every time I go upstairs. The other two walls have stuff on them, but this one is huge and I've never figured out what to put...

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Skyrocket Block One: Triangles are the Enemy

October 20, 2015
no piecing before coffee

So I got my fabric pulled for Skyrocket and I was excited to get started. I love the greens so I starting working with them first. The 9 patch squares are easy, cut at 3.5 inches, but I wasn't sure what size to cut the squares that would become the...

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Finished Projects

Hourglass Mini Quilt

October 31, 2015
Hourglass Mini Quilt

I made this in mini form to test the quilting I want to use on its big sister. I plan for this to be a cuddly lap quilt that I'm probably going to gift to someone so I want it to stay soft but I also want to quilt it...

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The Carpenter’s Wheel Mini Quilt

October 16, 2015
Carpenter's Wheel Mini Quilt

I've been wanting to make this block forever and I had some extra fabric cut after another project, so I went ahead and made it. I had a lot of math issues and didn't cut enough blocks the first time around, but since it's scrappy adding in some fabrics didn't...

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The Colette Myrtle Dress

October 14, 2015
The Colette Myrtle Mustache Dress

After visiting The Cloth Pocket fabric store in Austin and talking with one of the employees that makes a lot of her own clothes, I got the itch to make something for myself. I'm short and very high-waisted and dressing myself decently can be a challenge, but I also don't...

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The Fabric Hoard

Skeleton Toile by Alexander Henry

November 6, 2015
Alexander Henry Midnight Pastoral

I forget who makes this and what it's called, but it's toile with skeletons! (haha I typed toilet the first time). Oh hey, I labeled the photo when I uploaded it. Go me! Alexander Henry's Midnight Pastoral: [caption id="attachment_1652" align="aligncenter" width="375"] Alexander Henry Midnight Pastoral[/caption]

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Lecien Memoire a Paris

November 5, 2015
Lecien memoire a paris

I saw this online somewhere and HAD TO HAVE IT. I don't know why, I'm generally not really that into florals, but something about this one I just love. I ordered a yard of it and I have no plans for it yet, but I've been keeping my eye out...

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