Works in Progress

60 Degree Triangles are Fun

60 degree triangle fans

I've been wanting to make a blanket for Dennis' mom and when I saw this jelly roll at my local shop, I knew I had the right fabric. I laid the strips out in sets of 4, going from dark...

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Yucca Embroidery

Yucca Hand Embroidery

This is for my Texas Wildflowers quilt, which is going slowly as I've found I don't really like following other people's embroidery plans. There are like 16 flower blocks and then each is surrounded by 2" finished feedsack squares. I...

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The Christmas Blanket, Which Is Driving Me Crazy

The Christmas Star Blanket

I finally finished piecing the Christmas top, after much ripping and swearing, only to find when it was held up that I had messed up several pieces. [caption id="attachment_1630" align="aligncenter" width="375"] Symmetry is aggravating![/caption] I knew one of the corners...

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Finished Projects

Needle Punch Blackbirds

Needle Punch or Punch Needle

I was cleaning my sewing room and came across a needle punch project I'd forgotten I made. I bought this kit at Festival last year and finished it pretty quickly. I'd never heard of this method of...embroidery? not sure what...

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The Sewing Table Caddie Thing

Funneling crushed walnut

I'm constantly misplacing and knocking things off my sewing desk, so I decided to make a little caddie that holds my glasses, snips, seam ripper and glue. First step was to lay everything out on the fabric so I knew...

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Rocket Stuffie

Rocket Stuffie

I saw this pattern on Etsy a few months ago and knew I had to make it for rocket-obsessed Damon. We made it on the Jones hand crank so he could help me. I'm not great with 3D objects and...

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